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Academics and Teaching Methodology

The changing scenario of global operations like, business, manufacturing, services - organization has necessitated demanding on human resources management to reorient their thinking and philosophy of managing people - A human capital asset. The training policy has undergone major changes, in the light of above observation to develop, plan and implement trainee oriented activities. Naturally training methodology needs to take in account that human beings are full of life sentiments, feelings, emotions, energy and have potential to grow. In SBIIMS we have designed and updated our syllabi for all the semesters to meet industrial needs. Apart from class lecturing we have adopted some different teaching methodology such as,

Role play Case studies Project assignments
Presentations Group dynamic exercises Management games

Activities such as guest lectures from the management experts are arranged frequently for the benefit of our students. We also organize number of industrial visits to gain, 'on the spot' practical experience. We conduct workshops and organize few outbound programs to develop leadership qualities, team work, coordination and cooperation which are essential features of our management curriculum. It is not sufficient to know what one ought to know but one must also know how to deliver it to the recipient. This has been the guiding principle in adopting, remodeling and updating our training methodology.

Evaluation Process

The Institute proposes CGPA System (Cumulative Grade Point Average), this system used worldwide. In this system student will be awarded a grade point at the scale 1 to 4. As mentioned earlier that 50% passing marks is mandatory. The Grade table is as given below

Marks GPA Grade   
50 to 61% 1 D
62 to 74% 2 C
75 to 87% 3 B
88% & above 4 A

The Average of the GPA obtained in 9 subjects per semester would be the CGPA of the student of that semester.
Similarly for each semester we would be calculating the CGPA & average of all the four semester will be taken.

Dean's List
A student obtaining about 3.5 CGPA would be awarded the Dean's List certificate. In this way the Examination System is proposed.

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