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Team Behind

Governing Council Nominated by Trust
Sr.No. Description Name Designation
1. Chairman, BOG Mr. R Devrajan Director HR, Globops Financial Services
3. Trust nominated Member Mr. S.Shrinivasan Vice President
4. Trust nominated Member Dr. B.H Agalgatti Senior Faculty
5. Trust nominated Member Prof. Manish R Mundada President
6. Trust nominated Member Prof. Nirupama M Mundada Secretary

Academic Advisory Board
Sr.No. Description Name Designation
1. Chairman Dr. Sandip Sane Director, IIMS
2. Member Secretary Brigadier Dr. A. K. Lal Director, SBIIMS
3. Member Dr. Tripti Sahu Associate Professor, SBIIMS
4. Member Prof. Vijay Nimbalkar Deputy Director, IIMS
5. Member Dr. M. Nadeem Khan Director, IIMHRD
6. Member Dr. Nitin Ranjan HOD, IIMS

Other Members
Sr.No. Description Name Designation
1. Ex-Officio Member AICTE Regional Officer, Western Regional Office, AICTE Mr. Shukla. Ex-Officio Member, BOG
2. Nominee of Regional Committee, AICTE Name Awaited from AICTE
3. Ex-Officio Member – Director of Technical Education, Govt. of Maharashtra Dr. S.K Mahajan Ex-Officio – BOG Member
4. Nominee of State Government Name Awaited from Govt. of Maharashtra
Student Satisfaction

Education is one of the key drivers of economic growth. Within an increasingly competitive market within the higher education sector, college student satisfaction is an important component in attracting and retaining high achievers who in turn increase the reputation and standing of the college. Increasingly, the funding models for universities is dependent on indicators of research achievement and student satisfaction
As we think students' satisfaction with their institution has individual, institutional and social benefits. From an institutional point of view, satisfied students are more likely to continue in their studies (retention) and are more likely to succeed academically and this is likely to enhance the financial position and reputation of the institution. Satisfied students make effective corporate and public relations agents. We have the better understanding the underlying dimensions of student satisfaction and the factors that contribute to student satisfaction has several potential benefits and applications for institutions, students, and society..

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